when teaching is learning

when i was in school, i used to think that my teachers knew everything, that they could teach me anything. in high school, i’m pretty sure that several of them really could have taught me anything. there’s a lot of specialization in education, but what happens when teachers are allowed to teach/co-learn something with a group of students?

st john’s college sounds like it provides amazing experiences for both students and teachers. “leveraging ignorance as much as expertise” sounds like the perfect way to create a committed and engaged classroom, where learning is more an experience than collecting facts, and also to create a community rather than different silos of specialties.

Every member of the faculty who comes here gets thrown in the deep end. I think the faculty members, if they were cubbyholed into a specialization, they’d think that they know more than they do. That usually is an impediment to learning. Learning is born of ignorance.

Seeing Value in Ignorance, College Expects Its Physicists to Teach Poetry