my #ignite session from #neit2010

one of the highlights of every school year for me is the annual NEIT conference. the years i’ve had to miss it, i’ve felt as though i’ve missed out on a great source of camaraderie, inspiration, and good old-fashioned learning. (or maybe that’s new-fashioned.) 

in addition to the unconference-style format that lets everyone in attendance propose sessions and participate in a choose-your-own-adventure-like grid of workshops, i got the chance to take part in the first NEIT Ignite sessions. it was a great thrill getting up and doing something new in front of a crowd of people i both respect and admire greatly. it was the most nervous i’d been in a long time, but i drew inspiration from my fellow ignite presenters — Al Doyle presented Game Design 2010, Christopher York on The Spence iPad Project, Laura Hollis gave a presentation called iStruggle, and Reshan Richards on iPad Apps. i was closing out the set, and each of the amazing talks before mine made me simultaneously more nervous and more emboldened to do, well, this: 

it was great fun, and i’d do it again in a heartbeat. the ignite structure — 20 slides, 5 minutes, with an auto-advancing slidedeck — is such a great way to refocus presenters on their message and accompanying visuals, and i definitely want to see how my students might be able to adapt the presentations they give to this exciting format.

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