it was a late night (or, rather, a late night with kids, which really means 8:30) as we were driving down 95 and back into new york city after a day at the norwalk oyster festival when i noticed the world trade center memorial lights shooting up into the sky. henry was still awake, so we got to continue the discussion we started in the morning, which was the first time we tried to describe what happened on september 11, 2001. he kind of got it, but we purposely didn’t show him anything too graphic.

we took the popular connecticut to brooklyn to queens detour to try and take some photos of the memorial and pulled over near brooklyn bridge park where i joined the crowds doing the same. i wish the pictures came out better, but here’s the best of my bunch. 

it was just amazing to see, as alison described them, these ghostly lights shooting right up into the heavens. it’s always amazing to see them, and they’re just as emotional year after year. i wonder if they’ll continue with the lights once the new buildings are up, though i’d be surprised if they did considering the lights were supposed to be discontinued after 2008. i hope they find way to make these a yearly memorial.