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On the evening before something new

I’ve been saving a post by Seth Godin in an open tab ever since first reading it, presumably for right now. It’s the night before I start a new job1. Nerves, butterflies, whatever you want to call it… it’s all for a reason.

The unknowable path
…might also be the right one.
The fact that your path is unknowable may be precisely why it’s the right path.
The alternative, which is following the well-lit path, offers little in the way of magic.
If you choose to make art, you are no longer following. You are making.

1As of tomorrow, I’ll be the founding director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Ridgefield Academy in Ridgefield, CT. It’s a great opportunity, a big move for the family, and it’s all terribly exciting.

Why is education so vulnerable?

Clay Christensen, in this month’s Wired:

The availability of online learning. It will take root in its simplest applications, then just get better and better. You know, Harvard Business School doesn’t teach accounting anymore, because there’s a guy out of BYU whose online accounting course is so good. He is extraordinary, and our accounting faculty, on average, is average.