catching up… 28-35/2011









a very lazy week in my 365 project, and it doesn’t give me a lot of hope for actuallly finishing it. a lot of it is because i’m getting really tired of toting around the big camera all the time.

28. two subway musicians. amazing stuff, and the drummer was phenomenal. no one paid them any attention, except for henry who was dancing up a storm.

29. he’s batman.

30. i saw that arvind had posted a similar picture from the day before while at educon, so when i got there on sunday i was thrilled to have found the sexy olives myself.

31. sometimes the toys just put themselves in the right places in the boys’ room.

32. a VERY lazy day, but a little ludicrous that our neighborhood still has a christmas tree up. (and VERY ludicrous that they put a nativity scene up.)

33. the closest subway station to work has just about every subway ad face defaced in this way. i think is really clever.

34. i didn’t take this, but had spent almost an hour trying to get just this shot. all of mine were dark, but this was taken by my colleague michele. i love it.

35. yeah, well, good luck with that. 

original photos here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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