26.366 – opportunity #unconference #nysaisneli #AHDH12


Attending #AHDH12 was simultaneouly a new and familiar experience. Though the crowd of NYSAIS folk here was decidedly different (administrators as opposed to the usual group of technologists and librarians I’m used to), the opening keynote by Will Richardson and the unconference sessions made things feel very comfortable.

Back in November, I ran a rambling and engaging session called “What do we teach that we don’t need to teach anymore? And what should we teach instead?” With the new audience, I re-ran the session at #AHDH12 and it was, again, new and familiar, this time with responses from a group of administrators that actually have the power to scrap and replace swaths of curriculum if they wanted to. It was a great discussion, and I learned a lot from it. I’m still compiling my notes, and I’ll post them soon.