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32.366 – happy digital learning day #mstu4029


Happy Digital Learning Day, everybody! I should have posted this earlier, but the day got the better of me and I’m just posting this now. To celebrate Digital Learning Day, you might want to take a look at this New York Times piece, which collects forty years of educational technology reporting and gives ideas on how to celebrate the day. (Maybe you’ll want to extend the celebration by a day or two…)

With that said, I’m really excited by the screenshot above. It’s from an iBooks chemistry textbook that one of our science teachers started creating shortly after Apple’s announcements. It’s a great book with lots of materials, and a testament to how easy this whole make-your-own textbook thing might really be. Will there be issues — equity, cross-platform-ness, Apple lock-in? Yes. But this is just the very beginning of the consumerization of textbooks. It’s going to be exciting to watch where this all goes.