Monthly Archives: January 2011

8/365 – prison break


i’ve actually been keeping the kids from the koala for a couple of days because i knew i’d hit a slow day this weekend and would need subject matter. now he can finally climb out and be played with.

original photo here.

6/365 – defaced


this is an inspired piece of graffiti. a little while ago, i saw a whole station of similarly mustachioed faces but didn’t have time to take pictures and didn’t remember where it was — this was like finding $20 in your pants pocket when you least expect to.

original photo here

3/365 – he sleeps on corduroy


sometimes i feel bad that i keep henry at work so late, but never more so than when his commute-nap ends up causing him bodily harm.

i’m also struggling with how to keep taking interesting photos on my rather crappy lame iphone 3gs camera. i don’t always feel like lugging my nikon D5000 around, but this just won’t do. struggling is too strong a word.

original photo here.


1/365 – buddies

last year, i tried to do a photo-a-day challenge and stopped in about april. i’m determined to make it through 365 days this year. here’s the first of the year (there were actually four candidates, but this was what I went with) — well-played-with christmas presents that have a penchant for sneaking underfoot when you’re not looking. they do their best work under cover of night. 


original photo here.