Monthly Archives: May 2010

google, you could have changed the world…

…or, more realistically, the US mobile phone market.

From retail to viewing. Once we have increased the availability of Nexus One devices in stores, we’ll stop selling handsets via the web store, and will instead use it as an online store window to showcase a variety of Android phones available globally.

a couple of days ago, google announced that they were moving away from selling their nexus one phone on their own online store after three unsuccessful months, at least from a sales point of view. it actually seems that what’s happened is that HTC released their own android phones with carrier branding that ate the nexus one’s lunch shortly after it was released.

i LOVED google’s model of selling the phone directly, after being strung along by AT&T and my own stubborn clinging to an iphone upgrade cycle. (have you SEEN that new iphone? can’t wait.) i’d gladly pay full price for a phone in exchange for not being beholden to x wireless carrier for two years. even though i know i can buy a phone off-contract from a wireless carrier, i’d feel so much better if i could pay google, apple, HTC, or whoever, for a phone directly. 

wireless carriers make me feel like i’m always losing out, and it looks like that’s going to continue.